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Keyesville Classic

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March TBA, 2018


Cross Country ♦ Super D ♦ Short TrackAll Mountain Stage Race ♦ Kids Race

For 26 years, the Keyesville Classic has drawn casual riders, pro mountain bike racers and their friends and families to participate in a fun-filled weekend of bike-related events and activities!

From the entertaining Vintage class and trials events, to the highly challenging All-Mountain Stage Race (where riders tackle the Cross-Country, Short Track and Super D courses all on the same bike), the Keyesville Classic has something for everyone, riders and spectators alike.

Every year, the Keyesville Classic brings together local riders, advocacy groups, industry insiders and racers from all over the West Coast to raise awareness and generate contributions for trail stewardship and youth cycling programs in the Kern River Valley. The beneficiaries include the Southern Sierra Fat Tire Association (SSFTA) in Bakersfield whose volunteers are instrumental in keeping the local trails open, and in keeping the Keyesville Classic running smoothly.

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