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Dark Sky Stargazing

Every Saturday closest to the New Moon

Phone: (760) 376-6290

Join us during the KRV Astronomy Club’s next dark sky stargazing at the Fairview Helistop (just 12 miles north of Kernville, 1 mile south of McNally’s)!

There’s a lot to see in the night sky, with planets galore, lined east to west! Constellations, star clusters, nebulas, comets, galaxies & more! Fun for all ages!

It’s important to arrive at the star party before dark as many sites that are easy to find in daytime can be nearly impossible to find in the dark. If you arrive before dark you’ll also have a chance to see all the scopes being set up.

Once the observing is underway, feel free to go from scope to scope and talk with everyone. Most star party attendees will make the rounds at least once during the night to see what others are looking at and what kind of equipment they brought; feel free to join in! Likewise, don’t be afraid to ask questions about what’s in the sky, where different constellations are or anything else. Astronomers are used to questions like that and enjoy explaining such things.

Call to confirm: (760) 376-6290

See our Facebook page for more information!

Sierra Nevada Geotourism MapGuide Page: Fairview Helispot Star Parties (includes what to bring/restrictions/what to expect)

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